Suggested Medical Equipment for MS1 and MS2

Equipment Options

Indiana University School of Medicine students will need the following items to drive success in medical school

  • Laptop Computer
  • Medical Instrument Package (Indiana University School of Medicine requires a specific level of quality to ensure quality education for our students. Additional details will be available in March 2017. )
  • Textbooks
  • Scrubs & Nitrile or Latex Rubber Gloves (Available for sale over the summer with delivery at Orientation in August.)
  • Clean Lab Gown (Provided by IU School of Medicine for Gross Anatomy Lab)
  • Short White Coat (Provided by IU School of Medicine at the White Coat Ceremony.
    Additional coats including personalization are available for purchase at The Uniform House.)
  • Microscope (more information will be provided by March 2017)

Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding equipment requirements, please contact Ms. Bernadette Bills, Statewide Coordinator, Foundations of Clinical Practice I at, or 317-2782669.

If you have questions regarding financial assistance, please contact Jose Espada,, or 317-274-1967.