Health Insurance

All Students Must Be Insured

All medical students, except those currently covered under the health insurance policy of a parent or spouse, are enrolled in a mandatory plan. This is IUSM policy is based on LCME accreditation requirements.
» Health Insurance Requirement FAQ

If you qualify for a health insurance waiver, be sure to submit the waiver form in time for the next enrollment period.

Currently, the IUSM group health insurance plan is underwritten by Aetna and administered by Aetna Student Health of Boston, MA.

» Details for 2015-16 school year plan (Through August 9, 2016)

» Details for 2016-17 school year plan (Begins August 10, 2016)

All medical students are covered by a group disability insurance policy. In addition, information on optional individual disability insurance with IUSM sponsored discounted rates can be obtained from our disability insurance representative, Lee Moore. You can contact him by email or by phone at 317-558-1012.

Health insurance contact information:

Melissa Williams - Shana Wigington
Student Health Insurance Coordinators – 812-856-4650