Student Leadership

Student Involvement at IUSM complement the learning that takes place in the classroom.

College & House

Dr. Mike McKenna works to provide student led College & House mentorship, guidance and resources.

Medical Student Service Learning

Lisa Christy, Indianapolis Director for Medical Service Learning provides mentorship, guidance and resources for any IUSM student, faculty and staff interested in curricular and/or co-curricular learning.

Medical Student Service - Learning Group (MSSG) is comprised of medical students, faculty and staff.

Medical Service Learning (MSL) The projects are organized and led by student leaders.

Student Council, Service-Learning Board, Groups and Committees

Medical Student Council (MSC) is comprised of executive officers, regional liaisons, and class officers elected by each of the cohorts. The MSE Dean's Office provides support for the MSC, Dr. A. Haywood and Lisa Christy are the Advisor for this group.

Medical Student Service Group (MSSG) is comprised of executive officers and the Chair also holds a position on the MSC executive board. The OMSL office, provides support for the MSSG, Lisa Christy, Dr. Patricia Treadwell and Dr. Melissa Lah are the Advisors for this group.

Subsets of MSC

  • College & House System The College & House system is designed to support IUSM students during their education by encouraging interaction between the school’s nine campuses.
  • Student Committees (Dean appointed, MSE appointed, and MSC appointed) 
  • Registered Student Organizations (SIGs) Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are registered organizations that are founded and led by students at Indiana University School of Medicine. The nature of SIGs is such that individuals may develop and found one based on any theme of interest to members of the medical student population. Our SIGs are divided into groups based on their topic. are groups of students who have an interest in a particular medical speciality. These groups typically have a faculty sponsor who practices in the speciality. These groups are registered through and are under the guidelines set forth by IUPUI

Contact Student Council for MSC groups and ideas

 MSSG Service Project Leaders

  • Structured Co-Curricular Service Learning Project Chairs Co-Curricular service projects are initiated and led by students at Indiana University School of Medicine and:
    • Initiated by a medical student
    • Fits well with the educational objectives
    • Community collaboration or organizational partnership that address community identified need
    • Student leadership as co-chairs
    • Identified Faculty/Staff Advisor

Contact MSSG for structured Service Learning ideas

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