Volunteer Faculty Advisor Program

How Can Faculty Get Involved?

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What is the Volunteer Faculty Advisor Program?

The Mentorship and Advising Program of Indiana University School of Medicine was designed by students and faculty to optimize the journey of our learners. Through holistic support, IUSM medical students have access to career planning, selfreflection, advising, mentoring and guidance regarding the many career options in health care.

While IUSM has long offered mentoring and advising support for MS 4 students, our newly expanded program features access to professional academic advisors, IU faculty, and additional resources from the very start of their academic career.

Two males sitting at a table looking at a MacBook laptop. Man on right is bald, wearing an orange tie, is a faculty member. He is gesturing to the laptop. Man on the left is a medical student wearing a white shirt and a red tie and is listening intensely.

The volunteer faculty advisors will work in partnership with professional lead academic advisors to oversee a cohort of medical learners.

The volunteer faculty advisor serves as a positive medical role model and helps explore challenges and seek solutions with (not for) the learners while encouraging medical students to strive for excellence.

Primary Role of the Volunteer Advisor

  • Provide holistic mentorship to medical students throughout their basic science and clinical years.
  • Offer perspective in navigating the field of medicine.
  • Provide a first point of contact for coaching a small cohort of medical learners.

What We Need

  • Any provider in the state of Indiana who desires to teach students (will need to be appointed as IUSM volunteer faculty)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide academic advice to 4 students as they progress through their medical school career.
  • Attend campus-based Meet-and-Greet for MS1 Students in August.
  • Meet with MS1, MS2, and MS3 students at least 3 times a year (additional meetings at the discretion of the advising pair) – at least one of the meetings should be an individual meeting.
  • Meet with MS4 students in Summer, Fall and Spring, at least one of the meetings should be an individual meeting.
  • Faculty will be invited to attend the Match Day celebration with their MS4 students.
  • Connect with IUSM students through social interactions and be available to students for ongoing encouragement as they progress through their medical school career.
  • Inspire our students with their own personal experiences and serve as an example to our students.
  • Direct students to their Lead Academic Advisors for any concerns or scholastic issues that arise.


Send an email to Dr. Abigail Klemsz or Dr. Antwione Haywood