Find a Career Mentor

Mentors serve a valuable role in your growth as a medical professional, both now and into the future. You can learn a great deal about medicine from books and journal articles and even by seeing patients. But to truly learn how to be a physician, you also need to be able to push yourself, to identify weak areas, to work through difficult and trying times, to move outside of your comfort zone. These things are difficult to do on your own. A good mentor can help you do all of these things in more by giving you a different perspective and by sharing their experience and knowledge with you.

Many students are looking for a Career Mentor to help them explore specialty interests and make themselves more competitive for residency applications. The Mentoring and Advising Program has cultivated a list of contacts in each department to help each student better engage with the specialties. Remember that this individual is not necessarily intended to be your long-term mentor. They are merely an entryway into the specialty and to help you further engage and find an actual mentor or more than one mentor.