Peer Tutoring Program


The IUSM tutoring program was established early identification and support of students with academic challenges. Tutors are students who have demonstrated academic excellence and professionalism, and who can share their insight, knowledge, and skills with students who are experiencing academic challenges.


  1. The Learning Specialist, Center Directors and faculty select second, third, and fourth year students who have demonstrated academic excellence and who possess effective teaching skills that enable them to be effective tutors.
  2. The Learning Specialist will collaborate with appropriate center personnel to identify students who are experiencing academic difficulty and may benefit from tutoring. The most obvious indicator for referral is poor exam performance, although some students self-refer for assistance, and professors, physicians, and advisors can refer students.
  3. Tutors meet with students and record their hours. Tutors should document their tutoring time on the tutor tracking form. By the first business day of the following month, tutors email their tutor tracking form to Kristin Richey at


To sustain eligibility for tutoring, participants will be required to comply with the program's expectations.

Tutees (students) will:

  1. Be responsible for making contact with the assigned tutor within 48 hours of being provided the tutor's contact information
    • a) Please be ready to provide the tutor your availability but keep in mind that ultimately you will have to work around the times your tutor is free to assist you
  2. Schedule tutorial sessions at times that do not conflict with regular class hours and are mutually convenient to the majority of the students in cases of group tutoring
  3. Attend all scheduled tutorial sessions. If something unforeseen develops that prevents attendance, notify the tutor of inability to attend before the scheduled meeting time
  4. Come to the tutorial session prepared. Provide your tutor the topics/areas you are have difficulty with so that they may prepare in advance to assist you
  5. Attend classes on a regular basis for the course in which tutoring assistance is being provided
  6. Confirm next meeting date and time at the end of each session

The Tutee will NOT:

  1. Use tutoring assistance as a substitute for meeting and consulting with faculty
  2. Use tutoring assistance as a substitute for going to class

A tutor earns $20 per hour for 1-on-1 sessions. Indianapolis tutors are paid by the Office of Student Financial Services. Ability to replicate that payment is available statewide. Tutors can talk to their campus about payment.


Kristin Lively, M. Ed.
Learning Specialist
Medical Student Education
Indiana University School of Medicine
Med Sci Room 119