Academic Advising

Letter from Dr. Allen
As a student of Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM), you have been recognized for your academic skills and outstanding potential as a future healthcare provider. In the fall of 2015, the Office of Medical Student Education initiated the Mentoring and Advising Program (MAP) based on your feedback to enhance and expand the level of support offered to each student in our IUSM statewide program. This platform is devised to help each student reach their maximum potential as a trainee. MAP offers individualized approaches to address student’s personal learning needs in order to master the scholastic content, critical reasoning, and humanistic skills necessary for their chosen career path. We are exceptionally pleased with what MAP has achieved and excited to offer additional enhancements based on the feedback from our students. Medical school is a challenging, yet exhilarating, voyage in which you will form deep and lasting relationships with the IUSM faculty, staff, and fellow students who accompany you on your path to success. MAP will assist in your navigation.

About the Roles:

  • Lead Advisors (LA): Lead Advisors serve as your primary advising contact at IUSM. They are assigned by your first year campus and follow the IUSM College/House model. You will be required to meet with your Lead Advisor one-on-one at least three times a year. They will provide advice and guidance to ensure you are meeting your milestones for graduation. The Lead Advisors will also be meeting with students who have academic or personal concerns as needed throughout the year. Additionally, they are responsible for assisting you with the construction of your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) for residency applications in your fourth year.
  • Volunteer Faculty Advisors (VFA): Volunteer Faculty Advisors are also assigned by your first year campus and will follow your career through all four years of medical school. We anticipate you meeting with them several times a year either individually or with the other students in your VFA group. They are there to encourage and support you as you navigate your medical school course work and clerkships.
  • Career Mentors: Career mentors are typically IU residency directors or departmental heads of a particular specialty area. They are here to assist students in delving deeper into a specialty interest and exploring career options. They will provide considerable assistance in fourth year planning including scheduling, electives, timing of Step 2, and review of residency application pieces.