Indiana Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship

The Indiana Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS) facilitates IUSM medical student participation in various medical research and experiential opportunities including laboratory, clinical, health research outcomes, and community health education. The goal is to make available to medical students a wide variety of research and clinical opportunities to enhance intellectual inquisitiveness, to foster an environment of scholarly endeavors, and to support excellence in the development of physicians, physician-scientists, educators, and investigators.


Program Mission:

The IMPRS mission is to provide a diverse array of research and scholarly options for the IUSM student community and to enrich the research and scholarly education for all IUSM medical students.

Student Research Committee:

  • Brittney-Shea Herbert, PhD
  • Mervin Yoder, Jr., MD
  • Bradley Allen, MD, PhD
  • Peter Roach, PhD
  • Janice Blum, PhD
  • Michael Sturek, PhD
  • Robert Tepper, MD
  • Robert Considine, PhD
  • James Walsh, MD, PhD
  • Linda DiMeglio, MD
  • Kenneth White, PhD
  • Sarah Wiehe, MD
  • Barbara Luve-Beckerman, PhD
  • Raghu Mirmira, MD
  • Richard Zellars, MD
  • Fred Pavalko, PhD
  • Dawn Bravato, MD
  • Beth Whipple, MLS, AHIP
  • Adam Roth, Medical Student 2016-2018
  • Steven Chan, Medical Student 2016-2018
  • Ryan Kabir, Medical Student 2016-2018
  • Anne Nguyen
  • Jose Espada

Prospective Faculty Mentors

Contact Information:

Brittney-Shea Herbert, PhD
Co-Chair, IMPRS

Anne Nguyen
Program Manager, IMPRS

Jose Espada
Director, Financial Aid