Non-Involvement of Health Care Providers in Student Assessment Policy

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Effective: Retroactive
Last Updated: 3/14/2017

Responsible University Office:
Medical Student Education

Responsible University Administrator
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

Policy Contact:

RESPONSIBLE Educational Policy Subcommittee chair
ACCOUNTABLE Curriculum Council Steering Committee chair
SUPPORT Educational Policy Subcommittee
Continuous Quality Improvement
CONSULT General Counsel
Educational Policy Subcommittee
Curriculum Council Steering Committee chair
INFORM Educational Policy Subcommittee
Learning Technology, Medical Student Education

LCME Standards

12.5 Non-Involvement of Providers Of Student Health Services In Student Assessment/ Location of Student Health Records


This policy applies to any individual who has provided services in the role of physician, psychiatrist, counselor, or therapist to an IUSM student and who is involved in the grading, evaluation, advancement, and/or promotion of medical students.

Policy Statement

  1. No professional serving as a provider of medical or psychological services for any IUSM student should be in an evaluative position for that student at any time.
  2. A health care provider who has provided care for a medical student or has a prior personal relationship will not serve in an evaluative capacity for the student or supervise educational activities that result in evaluation.
  3. If a student is assigned to an educational environment where the supervising faculty member previously has provided health care to the student or has a prior personal relationship, the faculty member must advise the course/clerkship director of the need to re-assign the student (without disclosing why) to a different evaluating supervisor.
  4. It is the responsibility of the course/clerkship director to make sure that faculty and students are aware of this policy.
  5. If a professional serving as a provider of medical or psychological services for an IUSM student happens to be a member of an evaluation or promotions committee at the time of the evaluation of one of the students to whom he/she has rendered services, the professional will recuse him/herself from the committee until the evaluation of the student is completed.
  6. Evaluation forms include an option for declining evaluation.

Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to protect IUSM students’ privacy and confidentiality and to promote fair and unbiased evaluation of medical students.


Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee 12/6/2016.


Providers of medical or psychological services will not evaluate medical students during or after a treatment relationship with a student.

Providers of medical or psychological services will verify in the body of the evaluation of a medical student that they have had no treatment relationship with the student.

Students will be advised, during orientation or other such appropriate times, that a provider of medical or psychological services will not provide an academic evaluation of a student during or after a treatment relationship.

When a faculty member who teaches and evaluates students has cared for the spouse/partner; parent; child; sibling; or in-law of a medical student, either the student or the faculty member may ask that the student be reassigned and the clerkship director will make the change.


Recusal: Abstaining from providing an assessment, evaluation, or judgment of a student.


A person with a conflict of interest in personal or patient care may not evaluate students.

Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Satisfactory with Concern policy Bradley Allen, M.D. (317) 278-7788
Technical assistance Joel Smith (317) 278-1762
Associate Dean for Statewide System Advancement Michael Busha MD MBA (317) 274-8325


Notification of a conflict of interest should occur through E*Value.


Previously titled Prior Relationship with Faculty.
Previously titled Policy Barring Providers of Student Health Care Services from Participating in Student Academic Evaluations.
Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee 12/6/2016.