Fee Assessment Policy

Academic Fees

Students are expected to pay the annual rate charged for the academic year regardless of the beginning and ending dates. School of Medicine fees, as approved by the Indiana University Board of Trustees, will be billed by the IUPUI Office of the Bursar and payment will be due on the following approximate schedule.

First- and Second-Year Students

  • One-half annual rate for fall (typically due in August)
  • One-half annual rate for spring (typically due in December)

Third- and Fourth-Year Students

  • One-third annual rate for summer (typically due in May)
  • One-third annual rate for fall (typically due in August)
  • One-third annual rate for spring (typically due in December)

Late payment of University obligations may result in the assessment of late charges and restriction of certain University services. As of July 1, 2016 the current late fee is 1.5% of the balance past due with a minimum of $2.00.

Fees for a student not taking all of the standard medical school courses during the academic year will be assessed at the current School of Medicine professional credit-hour rate, not to exceed the full-time annual rate for the number of hours to be taken. It is rare that a student is exempted from courses and will be unlikely with the change to the new curriculum in fall 2016. Students who are required to repeat any academic work previously attempted will be assessed for another year at the current rate.

Combined degree students are assessed based on their plan of study. Students must enroll in both professional and graduate course work as outlined in plan of study and are assessed for those credits based on the campus rate. If enrolled in both programs in the same term, students will be assessed for both professional and graduate tuition and fees. Student may not enroll in graduate courses in their professional career.

Other Fees

The University and the School of Medicine assess other, non-academic fees. Fee bills for both fall and spring registrations will each include an assessment for one-half the annual premium for the required health insurance. Graduating seniors will have a pro-rated amount shown on their spring semester bill. The microscope rental charge (if applicable) will be included with the fee statement for first and second year students. Students entering the Indiana University School of Medicine are required to own and use computers. To support the use of technology in the curriculum, a technology fee is assessed on both the fall and spring bill. Third- and fourth-year students will also be assessed a technology fee in the summer term.

These fees are subject to change based on University administrative action. Bills are ELECTRONIC. A notification is sent to the student's IUPUI email address letting them know a bill is available. The balance of the student account, their current bill, plus their electronic bill history can be viewed by the student or their designated third party via One.IU.Edu portal. For exact academic year rates, contact the Medical Student Education.

Refund Policy

Refunds to first- and second-year students will be made in accordance with the term attendance schedule. Refund dates will be governed by the official starting date of classes for each term based on the following schedule.

For Withdrawal During:
  1. 1st week of classes: 100%
  2. 2nd week of classes: 75%
  3. 3rd week of classes: 50%
  4. 4th week of classes: 25%
  5. 5th week of classes and after: No refund

Refunds to third- and fourth-year students will be prorated according to the number of units taken prior to withdrawal. Refunds will be applied toward any outstanding account charges. Remaining credit balances may be refunded to the student.

Financial Services

Student Financial Services offers financial aid services that include short-term loans, information on summer employment opportunities between first and second-year, apartment and mortgage letters, and other services related to the student's financial well-being. The office is located in Fesler Hall, Room 224. Students can contact the office by calling (317) 274-8568 or by e-mailing José Espada at jespada@iupui.edu. Financial aid information, including school and non-school sources of scholarships, can be found on the Financial Aid pages. Free scholarship searches are available on the IUPUI Financial Aid Web site at http://www.iupui.edu/~scentral.