Second Year Students

Academic Calendar

Check out the Class of 2019 academic calendar.

2nd Year Orientation

IUSM MS2 Students participate in a brief second-year Orientation, to help prepare them for the year ahead. Students attending outlying Centers will access via a video stream.


Please make sure you are up to date on your immunization shots.

Planning Ahead for Licensing Exams

As you begin to think about licensing exams, take a look at USMLE Overview.

To get an idea of what the registration process is like, see the USMLE Sample Registration Form.

You may want to practice for the exam at the First Aid for USMLE or at the USMLE Orientation and Practice Materials.

It's never too early to think about specialities. Visit Careers In Medicine — an AAMC Website.

Planning for Third-year Rotations

As your second year progresses, you will also need to plan for Third-year Rotations, using these resources:

Residency Roadmap

Roadmap to Residency

Registration/Fee Payment

Please go to Financial Aid webpage for more information.