Equipment Requirements for First-Year Medical Students

First-year medical students are given dissection kits and clean lab gowns to protect clothing (in the Gross Anatomy Lab).

Required Supplies

  • Textbooks
  • One box of Nitrile or Latex rubber gloves
  • Scrubs and a pair of old shoes (for Gross Anatomy Lab)
  • Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope kit (Traditional is adequate; a Pan-Optic is highly suggested.)
  • Stethoscope (Cardiology Grade)
  • Reflex hammer
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Tuning forks (512 Hz and 128 Hz)
  • A penlight is useful.
  • Measuring tape (metric or metric and English units)
  • Hand-held Snellen eye chart

You may be able to purchase them at Medical Instrument Package (Enter iusm2021 as school code; note case sensitivity!)

Funds for required items are included as a part of the cost of attendance which will be disbursed prior to the first day of class. Please contact Jose Espada,, or 317-274-1967 for financial related questions.