Student Clinical Duty Hour Policy


This policy provides information on policies and procedures for monitoring duty hours during required clinical rotations.

Clerkship directors and coordinators, as well as students are expected to comply with the reporting requirements. Attending faculty physicians, resident physicians, fellows, and volunteer clinical faculty are expected to be knowledgeable and mindful of these guidelines while medical students are rotating on their respective clinical services.

Policy Statement

  1. Medical students on clinical rotations must not exceed an 80 hour work week averaged over a 4 week period.
  2. Students must be provided at least one day off per seven day period when averaged over four weeks.
  3. Students must not be required to engage in educational or clinical activities for more than 24 uninterrupted hours.
  4. Students should be allowed 10 hours between the end of one required clinical/educational day and the next. Exceptions to this will be tracked and evaluated for appropriateness.

Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to address student duty hours while on clinical rotations (including on-call, days off, days, nights) at the Indiana University School of Medicine affiliate hospitals and clinical facilities. It follows the same principles, processes and requirements that will be asked of students once they become residents. Judicious attention to duty hours is a requirement of both the LCME and ACGME in order to evaluate learning opportunities, clinical experience and exposure and the student’s need for personal time.


Each student must log their duty hours from the previous week by 8:00am each Monday. The exception for this is during the last week of the rotation: duty hours are due at the end of their last clinical day. Duty logs are monitored on an ongoing basis by the clerkship. If violations are noted, the clerkship will work with the student and faculty to remedy the situation. If duty hour violations are not resolved, the student should report this to the Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences.

Each required clerkship will submit, on a quarterly basis, a report of student duty hours for each rotation, noting any times in which students had less than 10 hours off between clinical calls as well as violations of all requirements and corrective actions. These reports will be submitted to the Curriculum Council Clinical Component (CCCC) for internal review and action as indicated.


Duty Hours are defined as all clinical and academic activities related to a rotation, but do not include reading, studying, and academic preparation time.



Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy; Compliance Nancy Butler, MD (317) 963-7306
Technical Assistance Joel Smith (317) 278-1762


IUSM Student Duty Hour Reporting Summary (Excel template)



Approved by the CCSC 2/3/2007
Revised and approved by the CCSC 4/14/2015
Revised and approved by the CCCC 6/7/2016
Revised and approved by the CCSC 6/14/2016