10 Steps to Recording Your Lecture with Kaltura’s CaptureSpace

Log in to Canvas and navigate to your course, then follow these steps to record

  1. Select IUSM - My Media
  2. Click Add New 
  3. Select CaptureSpace Recording
    If installed, CaptureSpace will open. If not, download/run and return to step 1
  4. Once the program has opened select Screen
  5. Select Full Screen then click Record
  6. When finished, click Done, then click Done again
  7. Add a title, using the naming convention below*, and then click Upload
    Recording now will be located under IUSM - My Media
  8. Click IUSM – Media Gallery
  9. Click +Add Media
  10. Check the box next to your video, then click the +Publish button

*Naming convention notes

  • Title your recording with: Campus, Course, Date (e.g., FW, MCT, 8/2/16)
  • Variations of the naming convention are ok
  • Additional info such as session title can be added

Recording and Publishing with CaptureSpace