What To Do If a Student Forgets Their Password

Students need to use their ExamSoft username and password to download exams. All students receive their login information in an email that is sent from the ExamSoft system by Erich Bauer (ejbauer@iu.edu) at the beginning of the fall semester. Their username is everything to the left of the "at" sign in their IU email address. (For example, the user name for xyz@iu.edu would be xyz.) Their password is not the same as their IU passphrase; it is randomly generated by the ExamSoft system. Some students might have changed their password through the student portal.

Students may forget their password, especially on the first exam and especially in a computer lab situation. You will not be able to see students' passwords in ExamSoft, so it is best to encourage students to bring their password with them or, better yet, to memorize their password right away.

You can also have students follow the Lost Username or Password? link on the ExamSoft portal: examsoft.com/iusm. Remind them that their username is everything to the left of the "at" sign in their IU email address and that the password reminder email will go to their IU email address associated with their SofTest account.