How to Resend Students' Login Information

All students receive their login information in an email that is sent from the ExamSoft system by Erich Bauer ( at the beginning of the fall semester. At the beginning of the school year, it is common for students to forget their password and sometimes to lose the email with that information. You will not be able to see students' passwords in ExamSoft, but you can resend their login information via email to one student, a few students, or to all students at once. If you send more than one student their login information at the same time, each student will only receive his or her own login information and not the other students'.

Students' usernames are everything to the left of the "at" sign in their IU email address. (For example, the username for would be xyz.) Students' passwords are different from their IU passphrase and are randomly generated by the ExamSoft system. Students may change their password through the ExamSoft student portal by following these instructions:

For course owners

Note: Not everyone who can access ExamSoft can see a list of students on the Exam Takers tab. Only one person per course can be designated as the "course owner" in ExamSoft, and only course owners can see a list of students on this tab. The ExamSoft course owner is generally the course director, but, in some cases, the course owner may be a staff member who manages ExamSoft exams for faculty members. Contact Erich Bauer ( if you have a question about who is the course owner in ExamSoft for your course. If you are not the course owner in ExamSoft, you can still see a list of students in your course and send them their login information. Please see the "For non-course owners" section below.

  1. Click the Exam Takers tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the student(s) you want to send the information to. In order to send to all students, click the checkbox in the upper left above the list of students.
  3. Click the envelope icon in the upper right above the list of students. The Email Exam Taker screen appears.
  4. Leave the Undeliverable Notifications radio button next to Receive. This will allow you to receive notification if any of the emails bounce back.
  5. To use one of the email templates, leave the Subject and Content fields blank. Click the Email Template drop-down menu and select Pre Exam Day Login Reminder. Click the Add button. This automatically fills in the Subject and Content of the email.
  6. Your email address will be in the BCC line; add additional email addresses, if you want others to get a copy of the email. The email that you and others who are blind carbon copied will receive will not include the students' login information; it will just include a list of recipients and email addresses.
  7. Make sure that the Include Exam Taker ID and Include Exam Taker Password checkboxes are checked. This is what tells ExamSoft to send the student(s) their login information.
  8. Click Send.

For non-course owners

If you are not a course owner, you cannot send your students' login information until after at least one assessment has been posted to your course in ExamSoft. Only once an assessment has been posted is it associated with a course and list of students. If you need to send information to your students before you post the first assessment, contact the course owner or Erich Bauer at

  1. Click the Assessments tab and navigate to a posted assessment. (It doesn't matter which one.)
  2. Click the Exam Taker Activity tab.
  3. Click the Advanced Search button.
  4. In the Advanced Search section that appears, click the Download Assessment drop-down menu and select All. Make sure that the Exam Takers drop-down menu is set to Active, the Uploaded Answer drop-down menu is set to All, and the Marked drop-down menu is set to All.
  5. Click the blue Search button. The list of students in the course to which the assessment is posted appears.
  6. Follow #2 – 8 under "For course owners" above.