Frequently Asked Questions

+ 1. Where do I go to log in to E*Value? -or- Click the link on the previous page

+ 2. I don't know my Username and Password for E*Value.

Contact your Clerkship Coordinator or Joel Smith at

+ 3. Can I use my IU ID to log in to E*Value?

No, you need to use the Username and Password provided by E*Value. See question 2.

+ 4. When logging into E*Value for the first time, do I need to enter an Institution Code?

No, you just use the user name and password that was provided to you by your Clerkship Coordinator or the E*Value Coordinator.

+ 5. E*Value is not displaying information that I can normally see.

Log out of E*Value and then log back in. If that does not work contact your Clerkship Coordinator or Joel Smith at

+ 6. Where do I go to log a PxDx Encounter?

Pxdx Encounters are logged in the Parent Program. The Parent Program is your current Clerkship's name without the Campus designation. (ex. Neuro Clerkship, NOT Neuro Clerkship IN)If your encounter does not need to be verified, log in to E*Value and enter your encounter using the PxDx tile. If you need to have your encounter verified by a preceptor use the same logging method for unverified encounters. If your preceptor does not show up in E*Value go into Canvas under GLIC IUSM resources and click "Add PxDx supervisor for Verified encounters" or go to the previous E*Value page and click the PxDx tile.

PxDx Logging

+ 7. I am trying to access Time Tracking in E*Value. I get a message stating that Time Tracking is not set up.

Make sure that you are logged in to the parent program for your clerkship to enter Time Tracking.

+ 8. The link to my pending evaluations does not work.

When E*Value sends you a link make sure that you use the link in the most recent email. The older email links will not work.

+ 9. I get a lot of reminders to fill out evaluations. How do I reduce the number of notifications from E*Value?

Make sure to complete the evaluations and/or verifications as soon as they are received because the system will automatically send reminders until your evaluations and/or verifications of PxDx encounters are complete.

If you are still having difficulty with E*Value Contact:

Joel Smith by email or by calling 317-278-1762