MS3, PGY1, and PGY3 Surveys

OCA annually gathered assessment data on the performance of our graduates during their first year in residency using the PGY-1 Survey, an instrument administered to program directors of our graduates. This instrument and the administration process underwent significant changes recently. First, core items were revised to better align with current IUSM Core Competencies and competencies from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Second, a companion instrument to the PGY-1 Survey was developed and administered to graduates during their first year in residency in order to identify differences in perceptions between graduates and their program directors. Third, similar competency-based instruments were developed and administered to third-year medical students and preceptors as well as third-year graduates and their program directors. These instruments will allow us to examine the performance of our students, differences in perceptions, and self-reported gains over time. Findings will be reviewed during annual committee retreats to identify strengths and weaknesses of our current and new curriculum.

If you have further questions regarding the the MS3, PGY1, and PGY3 Surveys, please contact:

Kimberly Grant
Administrative Program Evaluation Coordinator