IUSM - Evansville

Evansville Campus MS 2

IUSM-Evansville is located on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana, the newest and fastest growing public university in the state.  Established in 1971, IUSM-Evansville is the southernmost regional campus, with access to a health care population of nearly one million people in southwestern Indiana and the Tri-State area.

Medical students visit multiple clinical sites at the city’s hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices and interact with over 275 volunteer clinical faculty.  First and second year students are taught by resident science faculty members who are also engaged in significant biomedical research on campus.

Campus Information and Contacts

IUSM-Evansville Website

Steven G. Becker, M.D., Director & Associate Dean
Sara Rager, Administrative Associate

Competency Coordinator: Steven G. Becker, M.D.

Indiana University School of Medicine–Evansville
8600 University Blvd.
Evansville, IN 47712
Phone: 812-464-1831

MS2 Course Structure

August–December January–May
Introduction to Clinical Medicine II
Pathologic Basis of Disease
Pharmacology Statistics/EBM
Medical Genetics