Curriculum Development

Our faculty understands the importance of providing our students with an outstanding medical education. Our curriculum team is focused on the oversight and management of medical education curriculum statewide. We work to enhance/achieve program development and quality improvement of medical education.

IUSM: Nine Campuses, One School


The Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) is located on nine campuses spread throughout the state—from Evansville in the south to Gary and South Bend in the north. Each campus offers a unique blend of culture, pedagogy, faculty specialties, and student opportunities. With a student body of approximately 1500 students and an average class size of 352, IUSM is the nation’s second largest medical school.

In 1999, IUSM became one of the first medical schools in the country to implement a competency-based curriculum. The curriculum integrates foundational science knowledge and clinical skill development with the desired humanistic qualities of medical professionals. Information about the IUSM Competency Curriculum can be found here.

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